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An RV isn’t just a motor vehicle, it’s your all-in-one portable home. Models may come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s one thing they all share in common, they need to be comfortable. When you aren’t just driving your vehicle, but living in it, proper care and maintenance become even more important. That’s why you should always choose Northwest Truck, Trailer & Marine for all your RV Repair needs.

RV Collision Repair

You wouldn’t put off replacement of your front door, and in a Coach, safety is even more important. What may seem minor can quickly escalate into damage that can hurt both the comfort and functionality of your mobile vehicle. Our skilled technicians excel at RV Collision Repair, and can fix any kind of dent, ding, or bruise your coach has, getting you back to the open road sooner. We can handle fiberglass, metal siding, composite siding or new compartment doors. Whatever the material, we can repair it all.

We specialize in Trailers

Trailers have quickly become a specialty of ours, and they’re frequently used to haul some of our customer’s most prized possessions. Don’t settle for a patch job by someone with less experience. We can get you comfortably towing again in no time.

RV Roof Repair

There’s nothing worse than a leaking roof. In addition to the discomfort created by a damp environment, a leaking roof can cause water to seep beneath your roof and into your walls. This spreads mold, causes delamination, and leads to wood rot. All this can render your camper unusable and ruin your family vacation. At Northwest Coach Truck Trailer and Marine we do RV Roof Repair right. You won’t get superficial patch jobs or messy coatings with us. We get in to the problem and fix it right so that you can have peace of mind knowing your roof will hold up as long as you own it.

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