RV Collision Repair


Collision Repair

For top notch RV collision repair that makes your RV look like new, call on Northwest Coach Truck Trailer and Marine. Your RV is like a second home, and often times a first. Making sure it’s taken care of correctly is a high priority, and when you suffer from a collision it can be as devastating as any damage to a stationary home would be. It doesn’t have to be life altering, and it doesn’t have to keep you off the road. Our technicians are incredibly skilled, and we provide more than just superficial RV collision repair.

Quality RV Collision Repairs

Not just anyone can handle an RV collision repair. We specialize so that you can get the best repair work possible. RV’s are unique. They function as more than just vehicles, acting as living quarters for relaxation, cooking, and sleeping. That means an RV collision repair can’t be superficial. If it’s performed incorrectly it can mean major, and long-term, discomfort for the owner. No matter what kind of dent, ding, or bruise you have, our coach collision repair┬ácan┬áset it right. Our craftsmen are skilled at working with:

  • Fiberglass
  • Metal Siding
  • Composite Siding
  • Compartment Doors

RV Trailer Collision Repair

We also specialize in trailer repair. RV trailers need to be in top shape. They hold everything from furniture during a move, to show cars and living cargo like livestock. When you get into an RV trailer collision, don’t take it to just anyone. A repair job as important as that needs to be performed by RV experts. We don’t perform patch jobs. Trailer repairs needs to be done correctly, with exceptional care and skill. Our technicians take their work very seriously, performing the highest quality RV trailer collision repair work. That way you can get back on the road, with repair work you can trust.

When you want RV collision repair that provides you with the same security and craftsmanship as your pre-damaged vehicle, Call (360) 705 – 9733 or Contact Northwest Coach Truck Trailer and Marine.