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For Exceptional RV Roof Repair,
Trust in Northwest Coach

We’re your RV roof specialists in the Northwest. When you need RV roof repair performed to the highest standards, look no further. With state-of-the-art equipment and the experience necessary to completely fix your RV roof, you’ve come to the right place. Our shop has a number of amenities that help make our RV roof repair stand head and shoulders above the rest.

RV roof repair scaffolding

Full Perimeter Catwalk

With our full perimeter catwalk bay, we are able to repair your roof in a very safe and time-effective manner. This assures you a better level of craftsmanship and more money staying in your pocket at the end of the job!

Comprehensive RV Roof Repairs

before RV roof repair


Water can seep under your roof and into your walls, spreading mold, delamination, and wood rot, causing an unusable camper that puts a kink in your family’s fun!

after RV roof Repairs


No superficial patch jobs or messy coatings. We get into the problem and fix it right so you can have peace of mind that your roof will hold up as long as you own it.

The Northwest Coach Advantage

When you need RV roof repair performed with skill, speed, and integrity, Call 360-705-9733 or Contact Northwest Coach Truck Trailer and Marine.

Our Catwalk Bay

With a full perimeter catwalk bay, we can repair your RV roof in an incredibly safe and efficient manner. It allows all of our technicians complete and easy access to compromised areas in your RV’s roof. This allows multiple technicians to work on your roof at one time, and the space needed to perform at their best.

Experienced Technicians

Every single one of our roof technicians is highly skilled and experienced. We don’t perform superficial patch jobs or use messy coatings. Providing you with work you can count on means identifying the problem and fixing it correctly. You should have peace of mind knowing your roof will last as long as you own your vehicle. With our RV roof repair, you can.

Complete Repairs

Properly repairing your RV after roof damage means more than just repairing the roof. Often times multiple levels of damage have occurred. Water damage can spread potentially harmful mold and mildew, as well as weaken the structural integrity of your RV. Our company provides more than just RV roof repair, we can also repair any associated damage. That means you get the kind of quality that doesn’t just put your RV back on the road, it lets it stay there.

Get It Done the Right Way the First Time